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It would be much easier for me if I didn't have to go to reports to create a tracking url for everything going on social media and then copy and paste that same url into the publisher. There should be a way to streamline this process and create the tracking url while creating the social media post.

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Hi @kate27 if you are using the HubSpot social publisher you should not need to create custom tracking URLs. 


HubSpot automatically shortens your URLs when you publish social media posts, so you can save space, track number of clicks, and have simple links for your audience. HubSpot uses its own link shortening service to automatically shorten and track clicks on all links entered into the social publishing tool.

  • By default, HubSpot shortens all links to "" links when they publish.
  • While some social media sites track multiple interactions with a post/tweet as a click, HubSpot only tracks direct clicks to the shortened URL as a click.
  • In the past, HubSpot relied on for its link shortening. These URLs were "" links. These URLs will continue to function and track clicks.
  • As an alternative to HubSpot's link shortener, you can purchase a vanity domain through and connect it to HubSpot.
  • Links you include in the social publishing tool will be automatically shortened to a 23-character tracking URL. The 280-character limit for Twitter posts counts for URLs, so if you are including a link, your effective character limit is 257. The character-count within the social publishing tool will automatically adjust for the shortened link once a URL is added, but the link itself will not appear shortened until your post is scheduled or published
  • Images count as links for this purpose, so including an image will use 23 characters.


Please note: When using HubSpot's social media publishing tools, HubSpot will always automatically shorten a link using the "" domain unless you have your own account setup. The automatic link shortening cannot be turned off.

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Hi thanks for answering me! So, will it tell me that the source is Facebook, for example, when I see that people to our website, and looked at a blog post, without me entering that into a tracking URL? That's what I'm looking for.