Tracking Social Shares from an Email


I'm trying to figure out a way to track social shares of an email. All I can really tell from the email is how many people clicked on the social sharing icons, but then I have no data regarding the engagement those posts received. 


I understand some of the accounts coule be private, but is there a way to track the efficacy of any social shares of an email on public accounts?

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I am not aware of a way to see social interaction after a share click from an email.

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Q: Is there a way to track the efficacy of any social shares of an email on public accounts?


Short A: What @Josh said.


Longer A:

Here are some thoughts.


Depending on the content of your email and the social channel on which it is shared maybe try including a single unique hashtag -- e.g., #FranksContent


As channels become more social and adopt Twitter-thinking (e.g., FB, LinkedIn, Slack, etc.) we may be able to incorporate their tracking protocols. And Google indexes our public-facing email turned webpage content.



That being said, if you perform a Google search using #FranksContent you'll see a few posts across different channels before we deprecated that campaign.


Unfortunately, since we don't use social shares in email you won't see any *email* using that hashtag.


Clunky? Yes.

Easily scalable? No.

Worth further exploration? Maybe. 🙂 


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