Social publishing - tagging Twitter images




Posting directly on Twitter, you can tag up to 10 Twitter accounts in the image. This is great for boosting engagement with your posts and earning new followers interested in the topic.


However, it does not seem like this tagging is an option in the social publishing feature on Hubspot. Is this correct? If so, I will continue posting Tweets in real time through Twitter rather than social publishing, but are there any recommendations for then connecting the already published Twitter posts back to Hubspot in order to see the metrics/analytics from that Twitter account?


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Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla

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I would really like to see this ability come into play, we are missing the opportunity of engaging with key stakeholders because we do not have the character space to tag lots of handles.


Is this something you can or could look into?


I went looking to see if this was possible today and found this discussion. Just adding my voice to say this is a functionality I'd love to see!