Social posts not appearing in the profile and newsfeed.


My company has both LinkedIn and Twitter connected to HubSpot, and on several occasions. posts published on these platform will be live with a clickable link to the post, but don't appear on the company's profile nor on the newsfeed. This seems to be happening at random. 


Has anyone had the same issue before.  If so, how were you able to resolve it. 

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Hello @SKeller3, when publishing did you notice any errors? Does the status say it was published successfully?  The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.


Thank you,


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Hi @SKeller3 ,

This was happening with us few days back. May be a bug. I will advise you to connet with HubSpot support for this. click the blue help button in the right bottam of your account to connect with HS technical support.

Hope this helps!

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