Social Media Reports - Add to Dashboard & Exporting



Is there a way to do the following:

1) Add the metrics found in the Social Media Reports (specifically followers, published posts and top posts) to a dashboard?

2) Is there a way to export the Social Media Report to a PDF or send in an email similar to how a dashboard can be shared?




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Hi @garnold


Unfortunatly there are only a handful of social reports available for dashboards currenty:


  • Social clicks
  • Social clicks by channel
  • Social interactions
  • Social interactions by channel

So not the metrics you are looking for, which are found in the dashboard of the social tool only. 


You can choose to have a report of 'social activity and the effect it had on your business' sent to you by email monthly in the social settings. 


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies