Scheduling Multiple-Day Social Posts Automatically for New Blog Articles

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So automatically sharing a new blog post to your social channels is a whiz when you configure your blog settings for auto-sharing. However, we'd love to share the post multiple times at different times and dates. For instance:

  • LinkedIn:  share immediately, 4 weeks later at 7 am, 8 weeks later at 11 am
  • Twitter:  share immediately, 1 day at 12 pm, 1 week at 11 am, 2 weeks at 1 pm, 3 weeks at 9 am, 8 weeks at 11 am
  • So on and so forth for other channels

I'd love to see a way to configure these intervals as a default. Then we could craft the unique message in the article settings tab, and it would just fire out later. 


Right now I have to go in and schedule this on the Social Publishing tool each day a new article publishes.

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Hi @chaddiller  This is a rare use case, but I can see where that might be of value to our users. Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum for further comment?


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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Sure, just added it. 

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@chaddiller love the idea. I agree this would be a great way to increase social reach and shares for your content, without having to manually schedule each post. Here's an article that I found that goes into more detail on it.