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Removal of warnings for image size and excessive hashtags

When the social publishing tool was updated the warnings for image sizes being too large or too many hashtags was removed. Some of my posts were flagged being as unsuccessful with a vague note that Facebook returned an unrecognized error. Please double check the list of potential issues. If you'd like to publish this post, please clone it and try again.


Support was no help in assisting me in determining what the issue was.  Turns out after much trial and error on my end there were too many hashtags in them, and one had an image that was too large. HubSpot used to give warnings about these issues PRIOR to scheduling a social post. Not anymore. This went away with the upgrade. Bring this warning back!  It was very useful! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Removal of warnings for image size and excessive hashtags

Hi @JillS92,


Thank you for your feedback, and for sharing this helpful article with the Community! I appreciate you explaining how this feature would be useful. 


I would highly recommend submitting this product suggestion to the ideas forum.

Our product team, who monitors the forum regularly, can read your specific use case and understand why this would be a useful functionality or change. It also helps other customers facing the same issue to advocate for its implementation on your behalf by upvoting on the thread as well. 


If you decide to post your idea, feel free to add it in this thread so we can upvote it for you too! 🙂 


Thank you,


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