Pulling contact's LinkedIn activity on company's content in HubSpot

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Hi All, 


I've searched and searched this forum and haven't found my answer. 

I have connected my company LinkedIn account with Marketing Hub (professional). By default, it doesn't pull any follower's activity. 

Are there any custom solutions/connectors available for this? 


Ideally I'd like to see the following: 

-activity registered for a contact if they become a follower of our company page/ engage with one of our posts. 

-activity registered on a company if associated contacts visit/view our LinkedIn company page 


We do have an integration with Sales Navigator. 


Any ideas? 




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Hello @Edyta7510,


I would like to share this Community post here with more information about Pulling LinkedIn information.

As @MFrankJohnson  mentioned more about LinkedIn's restrictions.


Currently, there is an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ( more information here)


I hope this information helps.



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Hi @Edyta7510 

Even though HubSpot comes with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it has very specific applications. The data that is pulled from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, goes straight into your HubSpot database and doesn't reside in HubSpot. 

You can try and pull LinkedIn Sales Navigator data into HubSpot using scraping tools. However, if the same is noticed by Microsoft, it will take severe actions, so much so as to terminate your account with zero refund on your contract for sales navigator. 

You can refer to this solution for more information on the same: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Sales-Integrations/Pulling-LinkedIn-information-into-Sales-CRM-one-... 

Thanks and regards!