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New Twitter "X" Logo Usage

When should we change to using the new twitter "x" logo on marketing materials? I'm not seeing much information regarding brand guidelines on their website and I don't see a lot of companies using it yet. I want to be sure I don't get into trouble if I use it too soon or incorrectly.

I'd like to display it with a black solid circle behind it (like Elon's profile image in twitter), but I'm not sure if that's okay when looking at their Brand Toolkit.

Please advise. Thanks! -Julie

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New Twitter "X" Logo Usage

I am having the same issue and is now October and this is the only place where the new "X" logo does not appear and the system needs to be updated as I have not found a workaround yet since it leverages the company's twitter landing page.


New Twitter "X" Logo Usage

Why hasn't HubSpot already updated the logo to use in their software? HS is supposed to be a leading marketing platform and can't even keep up with social media. Twitter has now been X for weeks and has also increased their character counts. Yet, HubSpot emails still have the same bird twitter logo and social media posting still limits you to the old character count. Come on, HubSpot!

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New Twitter "X" Logo Usage

I definitely don't think it's too soon. And the usage really depends on the visibility and usage of what you are doing. If you are doing something like don't like with their logo a lawyer will let you know. Same would go for Hubspot or any brand logo for that matter.