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When I attempt to post a picture to our connected Facebook account on the Social tab, it tells me that my picture couldn't be added because the image file is larger than Facebook's allowed limit of 4mb. It's possible this could be a recent change, but Facebook's actual allowed limit for media is 30mb. Is there a way this limit within Hubspot could be changed to match Facebook's limit so that we could post higher quality images?

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Could you please check if your Facebook account is connected? Also, I can see you have a paid subscription which means having access to our Technical Support team. I'd recommend open a ticket with our team as they would be able to review the images you are trying to use and the error message you are getting. 


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Hi @CWinship ,

This is something that is not possible right now. you will need to compress the image before uploading. If you strongly feel about this idea, you can post this in the hubspot community ideas section.

Here’s an article for your reference for the limitation of the size for images, gifs, videos, etc


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