LinkedIn pixel on leadflow form submit button

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We have a leadflow for our newsletter signup. Ideally we want to implement a LinkedIn pixel on the submit button.


The issue is I don;t have access to the leadflow's HTML so I can't insert the pixel into the button. I did also try inserting it via jQuery when a user hovers over the button but this doesn't seem to be working.


Any ideas how I could execute this? Unfortunately we can't use Google Tag Manager either.

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Hey @benji_thecroc,



The leadflows tool is less customizable in terms of altering the html than the forms tool. Is there a reason you are using the leadflow tool? 


If you can also share a link to the page you are working on that would be great!


I want to pull in a few Community users who are more knowledgable in design to get the conversation going as well, @tjoyce and @dessery do you have any suggestions for @benji_thecroc?



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