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LinkedIn Ads Will Not Publish

Can't seem to find anything on this subject in here, so I'm assuming it's unique to us. We've been publishing content and ads directly through LinkedIn campaign manager up to this point. Finally, an advisor told us we should start using Hubspot ads to publish our LinkedIn paid content. Upon inspection, we fell in love with the idea of being able to target our own Hubspot lists on the LinkedIn platform.


So, now we have several LinkedIn campaigns and ads set up in Hubspot and are ready to publish. We click the orange 'Publish' button, and nothing happens. The button status does not change. It turns white for a moment (presumably "thinking") and then returns to its original, orange 'Publish' state.


I checked LinkedIn and nothing has made it's way there. The campaigns are still in Hubspot drafts.


We reached out to support and they noticed an error code (screenshot Error code when attempting to publish LinkedIn adError code when attempting to publish LinkedIn adattached), then asked us to send the a ".har" file (which we did). That was a few days ago. No response yet. Tapping the community to see if anyone else has experienced this and has a solution.


Any advice is welcomed.

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LinkedIn Ads Will Not Publish

I'm experiencing the exact same issue. LinkedIn is connected correctly, I have all permissions to post ads but when I hit "publish," it just stays in the drafts section. The FB ad I created for this same campaign posted fine without issues. I've contacted Support but they were closed yesterday. Hoping for resolutions today as there is a timeliness issue to my campaign.


LinkedIn Ads Will Not Publish

It seems you are encountering challenges when attempting to publish LinkedIn ads through HubSpot. To troubleshoot this issue, begin by confirming that your LinkedIn account connected to HubSpot has the necessary permissions for ad management. Ensure the integration settings between HubSpot and LinkedIn are accurate, and reauthenticate if needed. Additionally, review your ad content to ensure it aligns with LinkedIn's advertising policies, checking for any disallowed content or violations. Verify that your ads meet LinkedIn's format and size specifications, as incorrect formats could lead to publishing difficulties.

Consider clearing your browser cache or using an incognito window to eliminate potential browser-related issues. If problems persist, reaching out to HubSpot support for specific guidance based on the integration can be beneficial. Simultaneously, monitor your LinkedIn Campaign Manager for any restrictions or issues on the LinkedIn side. Keep both HubSpot and LinkedIn updated to leverage potential bug fixes or improvements that may address the publishing problem. If all else fails, contacting support from both platforms will provide personalized assistance in resolving the issue promptly.

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LinkedIn Ads Will Not Publish

This looks like something Hubspot will have to resolve. I would reach out to your rep and add to the ticket to see if you can have an update.


But with that said, syncing audiences to Linkedin based on your Hubspot lists can be done without having to publish ads via Hubspot. So if you are stuck at the moment, are you still able to sync the audience without issue? And then look to launch the campaign via LinkedIn Campaign Manager directly?