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Given that Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms (ranking higher than Twitter, at least in terms of users), I would love to see HubSpot integrate Instagram into their social media management portfolio.


Further, I would like to see HubSpot integrate further with other Social Media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. HubSpot offers a lot of functionality with Twitter, but that is the fourth least used social platform, so I don't understand why we don't have better controls for Instagram, Linkedin and FB.

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Hi @Joel_Fed  Thanks for your feedback. 


HubSpot and all other platforms that integrate with the social networks are bound by the limitations those networks place on posting. Our dev team looks at the integration possibilities, then creates tools based on how those actions can be maximized by our user base. Keep in mind, the various platforms can add and delete features from their integrations at any time, so functionality can vary at times. 


At this time, Instagram forbids direct publishing from third-party networks (this applies to all marketing platforms). However, because Instagram is used by many HubSpot customers, we have developed a reminder system to that allows you to develop posts in HubSpot, then reminds you to post via the mobile app by using copy-and-paste. 



This integration is still in beta, but you can find out more about HubSpot Instagram Reminders here. 


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