How to add a large clickable picture on Twitter

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Hi folks

Looks like it is now possible to create a summary card from a link when scheduling a twitter post.

Is it possible to add a "summary card with a large image" ? (

We know well how to add a picture, but that would be great if it could be clickable (summary card are too small...)


With many thanks for your answer

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Hey @slafi 


By default, HubSpot will use Twitter cards when a link is inserted into a Twitter social post. However, social networks are very strict when it comes to image ratios being published via the APIs. Unlike posting directly to the networks where they will automatically resize your image to cover the space in the post when posting via their APIs, they will not perform that auto-resizing. So, you have to get the ratio right when posting. Below are the image ratios that will work for each network, will not have any "gray bars", and will fill the given space.


Facebook: 300:175
Twitter: 2:1
Instagram (square): 1:1
Instagram (portrait): 4:5
Instagram (landscape): 1.91:1

LinkedIn (landscape): 1.91:1


You can find more information about this in this thread


Thank you



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