Heads Up -- We're Removing Google+ from the Social Tool

HubSpot Product Team

In accordance with Google's announcement that their would be service interruptions on their Google+ API prior to officially ending support for it in April 2019, we've decided to remove Google+ from the HubSpot social tool on January 28.


On January 28, you will no longer be able to use Google+ within the social monitoring, publishing, or reporting tool. Your reporting on Google+ and already published posts will stay in HubSpot until March 1, 2019, at which point they will no longer be available. If you try to schedule a Google+ post beyond January 28, you will see the following in-app banner in the social tool.



As our social tool evolves, we will continue to focus on providing you with the tools you need to have the most impact on the social tools where your audience is present.


If you'd like to learn more about this change, feel free to read this blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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Taking advantage of this situation, why don't you allow to publish on Google My Business? It would be perfect.

HubSpot Product Team



Thanks for the comment! And I see your recent comment on the 

Google My Business posting idea post in our ideas forum. That will be the best place to express support for a Google My Business integration, and that is where we measure the support for new ideas.