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Hey all, is anyone using Facebook 'Global Pages' in their company? 


It's a different kind of structure for companies that have Facebook pages for branches in different countries. Basically it merges all the pages together to give one brand name, 'like' count, analytics etc., but still allows locals to post content specific to their own markets: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/331800410323820


My company's considering switching to this kind of structure, but I'm wondering if it is still possible to post to a specific market with this structure via Hubspot? Currently, my colleagues in their different countries go to the 'Social' tool, choose their company's Facebook page from the drop-down, and create the post. However, if moving to a Global Pages structure means we'd only have one page in that drop-down and wouldn't be able to post to specific markets via Hubspot then that might affect our decision to switch (since it's a pain to have to go into Facebook to schedule posts).


If anyone has any knowledge or experience of this then some help would be appreciated.

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Hi @dougiebolton,


While this is currently not possible, the product team is aware of this issue and actively working on a resolution to make this possible. 


cc @crystalking do you have any general tips for how to use Facebook Global Pages?


Thank you,

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Hi @dougiebolton


I worked with Facebook global pages when I was running social media for Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee. We had separate pages for each country (primarily Canada, US and eventually UK) that we worked with Facebook to merge into one Global Page. The best part of that was that the end user sees the big aggregate number of followers and that has social clout, even for countries that might only have a few followers. 

The other benefit of doing it is that you can post very different messages to the channels and not worry about the wrong country seeing it. This is especially helpful for language specific posts or campaigns that are specific to a country. It was nice being able to run contests in just one country, for example. 


I do think that as you grow, it is a good idea to do the switch. I just chatted with our social product person and as Jenny said, it sounds like that they are actively working on this and it should be coming soon, so that's good news! 

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Hey, thanks for the reply!


It's good that that's one of the benefits, we have some fairly large markets in Europe which have quite new and small Facebook pages, so being able to aggregate all our likes would be great.


It's good that we will hopefully soon be able to post to our global pages via Hubspot as we do now - it probably will be a little while longer until we make the switch, so hopefully this new feature will be there when we do!


Thanks again.

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If there are 10 market pages, HubSpot shows only 1 brand name for all 10 market pages. There is no way to differentiate which page is from which country. Is there a solution?