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Error When Trying to Approve Social Drafts

I put together a bulk social post schedule for a few months of recurring pieces, uploaded the list to Hubspot, then adjusted the scheduling of the many various draft posts (about 150 in all). So, they are now in Draft state, but when I select one or more of them and then click "Approve Drafts" I get an error that reads "Sorry, an error has occurred. Please save your work and refresh the page." The only way I can get them out of Draft status is to open each one individually and then click  "Schedule Post," which kind of defeats a lot of the point of doing all the prep work to get the schedule and various posts figured out ahead of time. Am I missing something here, or are others seeing a similar issue?

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Guide | Diamond Partner

Error When Trying to Approve Social Drafts

Hi @GreggPTX ,

This sounds to me like it could be a temporary browser issue. You can either try on an incognito browser or clearing their browser cache to see if it resolves the issue.


If it doesn't, then you would also need to file a separate support ticket so that one of their reps is able to access their account and troubleshoot further.

Hope this helps!

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