Connecting Facebook Messenger Issues


I've looked through several articles for help and some of those I can't find anymore (like the one specifically mentioning troubleshooting the connection).


I am the assistant to our owner trying to connect our facebook messenger to our hubspot so we can get the messages in our conversation box but it's not working. I've checked and the boss says we're not already connected as far as he knows. 


Since he is the admin on the facebook page (I have the login info) does it have to be connected through his hubspot account to work?


And once it's connected, will all the messages show up in the group conversation box so our admin's can respond to the messages or would they still have to be assigned out by him?


Any help getting past this wall would be great! 


UPDATE: So I found the article again for trouble shooting, but I still need to know if I can connect to my account or if it must first be connected through my boss'. I don't want to accidentally lock him out of his facebook again as I try to figure this out.


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Hi @Camille71214,


Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the update.

You have to be an admin in order to connect the Facebook account.

This article about connecting the Facebook account might also be interesting for you.


Take care!


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Hi! Thanks for responding.


I have to be an admin on HubSpot or on Facebook? As I said, my boss has given me access to his Facebook and he is an admin there so by proxy I have admin access. But I'm just clarifying whether we have to connect the facebook where he's an admin with his account on HubSpot or can it be anyone on the team's HubSpot account with access to his facebook? This was not clear in the instructions you provided that I read through before.


Thank you,



Follow up as I wait to find out where you need to be an admin (facebook, hubspot, or both), Here are screen shots I've gathered trying to trouble shoot this issue: 


We are not already connected:



And this is the message we get when we try to connect:



Thanks for your help.



The only way I was ultimately able to connect (and then re-connect) FB and Instagram accounts was by signing in again using a New Private / Incognito Window. Then all browser extensions and plug-ins are disabled. Good luck!