Can't replace images on cloned LinkedIn posts

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I cloned a LinkedIn post and then tried to replace the 3 images it had. I can't!


Every time I click replace I get the image selector pane and whatever I select, the app keeps telling me "You can’t add more GIF files or videos to posts that already have images, a video, or a GIF file."


I also see that my post has 3 images and I can't even delete them from the post without deleting the underlying files in the file store.


Cloning FB and Twitter posts works fine.



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Ok. LinkedIn ain't FB or TW. Just sayin'. 🙂


Linkedin in particular buffers posts (re-posts, whatever), so ... you may have great difficulty trying to modify anything identified as 'previously posted'.




Create a new post from an incognito browser session. If that doesn't work, wait 24+ hours.


Sorry. We're aware of no better options when posting against LinkedIn either directly or indirectly via any platform (HubSpot included).


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