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Can I add two phone number to the Inbox? (Whatsapp Business)



I would like di connect Whatsapp Business to the Inbox and I would need to connect two different phone numbers.

Is it possible with Hubspot native integration (


Thanks in advance to those will help me!

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Can I add two phone number to the Inbox? (Whatsapp Business)

Hi @BBallabio,

Have you tried Vepaar?

Vepaar provides you with HubSpot integration with WhatsApp in which you can use infinite numbers with single login credentials whether it is a normal WhatsApp number or a business WhatsApp number. With this integration, you can effortlessly manage Contacts, Notes, Deals, and Tasks.

But that's not all - Vepaar also offers advanced features such as shortlisting chats by status, generating Google Meet directly from WhatsApp, sending multimedia messages with customized Quick Reply, Auto sync chats for all the numbers, and more!

Connect with me to learn more about Vepaar and its fantastic capabilities.

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Community Manager

Can I add two phone number to the Inbox? (Whatsapp Business)

Hello @BBallabio happy Thursday!

Looking at our WhatsApp integration guide states that each WhatsApp Business Account can have up to 25 phone numbers connected to it. As for the number of connections in Hubspot, I checked my internal documentation and it seems like the following:

  • Multiple phone numbers can be connected to HubSpot
  • There isn't a limit to WhatsApp Business Accounts that can be connected to HubSpot, as long as they meet the requirements and are approved by WhatsApp

When connecting the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)/phone number to HubSpot, the process will be as such:

  1. Choose the Meta business account that the WABA is in
  2. Choose the WABA linked to that Meta business account (there can be multiple but you choose one)
  3. Choose the phone number you want to connect from within that WABA

 I hope this information helps.


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