Assigning someone the capability to proofread Social posts and other content


Is there a way to assign someone the capability to proofread Social posts and other content?


For example: I finished writing a social media post and before I publish it, I need to get approval from the manager. I want to assign that manager to proofread it and when I do they get some sort of notification or alert letting them know that they need to review it.


Would appreciate any help on this! 

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Hi @DAntony7,


Thanks for reaching out!


If an account has access to the Social tool, a user with full access to a Social Account should have access to any social post drafts. While I don't see a native feature (fancy Workflow maybe? Also a great idea to post in the Ideas Forum.) to have an approval request/notification for posts, the content creator could let the manager know a post needed reviewing, and the manager could access the draft from the social account. 
-see Give other users access to a social account


Happy to discuss this further here! Also, feel free to DM me and we can test this together!





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Hi @DAntony7 ,

If you want someone to proofread Social posts and other content, then you need to check whether the specific person has access to social media tools. But yes, if it's your Facebook and instagram post, then you can surely share the preview link with the other person and get your post approved before publishing. 


You can refer to this article if you want to know how to give access to others for social media tool:

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