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kvonloesecke on May 25, 2022
Have you heard of the newer social media apps BeReal, Poparazzi & VSCO ? Learn more about these apps and how they can help with your marketing efforts . BeReal - BeReal aims to fight materialism and filters, and instead be real! At read more
kvonloesecke on May 23, 2022
Have you updated your social video marketing strategy lately? The HubSpot Blog surveyed 550 marketers to learn about the latest video trends. The study shows that not only is video an effective marketing strategy, but demand for it is growing read more
AMujidat on May 23, 2022
I am now an Hubspot certified social media marketer in my pursuit of excellence. 🥳 Shout out 💪 to my role model, Senior Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy for creating this comprehensive and educative course. Celebrate me, friends read more
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Community Manager
May 23, 2022
Congratulations on this achievement, @AMujidat ! 🎉 We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed the certification course with @crystalking ! more
kvonloesecke on May 20, 2022
Happy Friday, Social Media Marketers! It's time for another weekly roundup! You may have noticed it's a day late 😄 but I hope you enjoy reading it regardless of the date. This week we've seen some great insight and questions from read more
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pauledwards on May 20, 2022
I care a lot about my company's social media presence and I am sure you care about yours too! I am curious about two things: 1. We are looking to expand our presence among a wider range of social media platforms. In that case, what platform is mos read more
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May 25, 2022
Hi Paul! So for your first question, the fastest growing platform right now is Tik Tok. Most brands are still in the Facebook, Instagram phase and more
kvonloesecke on May 19, 2022
You came up with the perfect graphic, you spent valuable time in Canva, AfterEffects, or another content editing software and your post is a success on social media! Imagine waking up the next day to see your graphic on another social media a read more
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