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kvlschaefer on May 17, 2023
  Hey all! World Certification Week from HubSpot Academy has officially kicked off for 2023! It takes place this week, May 15-19. For those that don’t know, World Certification Week (WCW) is a global virtual event where read more
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crystalking on June 29, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the Social Media Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please reply read more
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May 09, 2023 07:06
Hello everone, I`ve kickstarted my digital marketing strategy about a couple of years ago but it gets exhausting when you`re` not getting your more
kvlschaefer on August 04, 2022
Do you want to share content with your audience that will spark a conversation or an interaction? Are you looking for ways to refine your content strategy on social media? Red Website Design recently shared recommendations on how to read more
kvlschaefer on August 03, 2022
Are you looking for a social media platform that offers a solid return on investment? With the plethora of social media networks and nuances of measuring ROI, it can be hard to identify which platform offers the best without speaking with peers or d read more
August 03, 2022 10:12
Thank you for sharing this info @kvlschaefer , having data on ROI is seldomly easy. I do agree on LinkedIn being the sm platform more capable to more
kvlschaefer on July 14, 2022
Do you use Instagram as a social media channel for your organization, as an entrepreneur, or content creator? Before you start marketing yourself as a business or individual on Instagram, it's essential to understand the Instagram Engagemen read more
July 19, 2022 22:05
Yup you are right, but most of all you should know your target audience when creating marketing campaign in order to secure only those followers who more
kvlschaefer on June 15, 2022
How often should I post on Instagram? That's a common question we hear from marketers and content creators. If you don't post enough, you're missing out on a chance to engage with your audience. If you post too much, you can lose followers. A read more
July 03, 2022 21:52
Another thing to note when figuring out your scheduled postings is when are your followers most active. For ours, it's between 10 and 11 AM.
kvlschaefer on June 13, 2022
Did you know that TikTok users spend an average of 89 minutes per day on the platform? That is a lot of time! 89 minutes per day translates into advertising and content opportunities for businesses and content creators alike. Are your content read more
kvlschaefer on May 25, 2022
Have you heard of the newer social media apps BeReal, Poparazzi & VSCO ? Learn more about these apps and how they can help with your marketing efforts . BeReal - BeReal aims to fight materialism and filters, and instead be real! At read more
June 14, 2022 22:30
thanks for sharing! it is interesting the concept of the BeReal app. As the SM Apps are loaded with filters, I will take a look at Be Real
kvlschaefer on May 23, 2022
Have you updated your social video marketing strategy lately? The HubSpot Blog surveyed 550 marketers to learn about the latest video trends. The study shows that not only is video an effective marketing strategy, but demand for it is growing read more
kvlschaefer on May 18, 2022
People often forget that there is an actual person on the other side of a social media account or online forum.   If negative comments on social media are getting you down, remember that you're not alone. That being said, it's good to have a read more
Community Manager
May 23, 2022 11:52
Thanks for sharing, @Lamie ! You have an excellent point 🙂 We can't win all battles, nor should we look for them!
kvlschaefer on April 25, 2022
It seems like a new social media platform is going viral every day. From TikTok to Clubhouse to Lasso, to Twitter Spaces and Houseparty. As social media marketers, we know that keeping up with trends is very important. However, you may be as read more
kvlschaefer on April 13, 2022
Did you know that Instagram Guides offer brands and content creators an opportunity to revive old content and ultimately drive engagement? Instagram Guides are a collection of posts, reels, and lives from your account or another account. They read more
Community Manager
April 15, 2022 07:18
Hi @cshettigar ! Here are two guides to get you started: - How to Make a Guide on Instagram - How to Create Instagram Guides Step by Step more
kvlschaefer on April 12, 2022
Have you heard of the new social app, BeReal ?   This new app is quickly rising up on the download charts, and is worth keeping an eye on! The idea behind the app is to share a picture of your real life once a day with your friends. read more
kvlschaefer on March 23, 2022
Social media is a great tool for gathering feedback from your audience! Polling your followers can help create a sense of community and do wonders for your social media strategy. Are you suffering from writer's block? Poll your audience to se read more
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