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When to Post on Instagram

How often should I post on Instagram? That's a common question we hear from marketers and content creators. If you don't post enough, you're missing out on a chance to engage with your audience. If you post too much, you can lose followers. 


A recent HubSpot Blog Survey asked the same question, and here are the responses collected from 500+ global B2B and B2C Instagram marketers.


Overall, 80% of marketers post to their feeds in their roles. When they do post,

  • 45% post multiple times per week,
  • 23% post multiple times per day,
  • 23% post once per day.

What may work for one company, might not work for your account. In order to determine how often you should post, and when to post, you'll want to rely on your Instagram Insights and audience feedback. 


Read more about posting frequency on Instagram on the HubSpot Blog here

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When to Post on Instagram

Another thing to note when figuring out your scheduled postings is when are your followers most active. For ours, it's between 10 and 11 AM. 


When to Post on Instagram

It's interesting that you mention, the frequency of posting on social media.  I've experienced firsthand how if you post too much you can lose followers, but in my opinion, I'd rather post more.  If people don't know you they'll never be able to support your mission and I believe that the people that are supposed to support your efforts will stay and those are the followers that matter most as they'll be there to buy, refer you, and help drive your content in the platform.