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What is the best content calendar software to use?

When first starting out, I looked at click up and notion. It was very complicated and overwhelming to begin not knowing my way around.


I've now chose Later its all I need at the moment. I like it its easy and just want it for pushing out all my postings. Would you purchase this after your trial ends? I need experience with a content calendar and its very useful regardless. 


Anyways, what is your preferred social media calendar to use to submit posts and reels to facebook or Instagram (use IG mostly) and why? 


Let me know if you think Later is ok for now and a good choice. TIA for your insights.

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What is the best content calendar software to use?

Hootsuite was great. Used it for a while until the recent price hikes.
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What is the best content calendar software to use?

@Kristin_here welcome to the Community! 


Honestly, I use HubSpot social for all my scheduling. While it doesn't work with Reels (which is in planning), it works for most of my needs and connects to my contact data. I love that.


I've used MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, and Buffer for a social calendar. For project management and tasks, I've used ClickUp, Trello, and Asana. HubSpot's Projects tool works pretty well as a task management tool (NOT sales tasks, btw - they're different) for some needs. 


I still prefer HubSpot overall. If you're wanting to go very specialized into social media marketing, Hootsuite and Sprout Social are 2 I know of and have heard good things about. 


Thanks for the tag @kvlschaefer 😊 


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What is the best content calendar software to use?

Hi @Kristin_here,


Thanks for reaching out to the Social Media Study Group! 

I've used Later before and I found it very useful for scheduling posts for multiple social media accounts. Later Analytics offers insightful data on your followers and the best time for posts. 

I've also used Planoly and HubSpot Social Media Management Tools for work. I personally like Later and Planoly for posting to IG because you can visually plan your content if you're looking for a curated feed. 🙂 


I also wanted to invite our study group members to this conversation.

Hi @danmoyle@RUBENOKORHI@RMcDonald41@jolle - Do you have any social media scheduler recommendations for @Kristin_here?

Thank you! 




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