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New to digital marketing and seeking guidance on where to begin.

Greetings! I'm a digital marketing beginner eager to enhance my career in the digital realm. However, I'm perplexed about where to start and how to effectively apply my learning into practical actions. Seeking guidance on navigating this journey.

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New to digital marketing and seeking guidance on where to begin.

Hello there! As someone venturing into the world of digital marketing, I'm enthusiastic about advancing my career in this dynamic field. Nonetheless, I find myself at a crossroads, unsure of the initial steps and how to seamlessly translate my theoretical knowledge into practical strategies. Any insights or advice on navigating this exciting journey would be greatly appreciated for more info visit ff advance server

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New to digital marketing and seeking guidance on where to begin.

Hi @fatihu! Welcome to the digital marketing pofession, and to the HubSpot Community! Congratulations on your new adventure. 😊


As for advice for someone starting off, first i want to affirm your desire to learn. That alone sets you apart from the crowd, asking for held and advice from the communiuty around you. I love that! Keep asking, and keep connecting with folks who resonate with you (even over on LinkedIn or Tik Tok).


Here are a few thoughts I'd share after a few years in the industry. 


First, some HubSpot-centric content from Academy I'd dive into as you explore your path:

  • Inbound
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • HubSpot Marketing Software
  • Email Marketing

As for building a portfolio to generate new business, one idea is to work with local nonprofits to help them build their efforts as a volunteer.


This helps them and builds your skills & portfolio. You'll have to help them decide where to start, which builds your strategic muscle. For instance, do they need a blog to help their web presence? Or do they need social media content? What about video? 


This is a great way to help them (free volunteer work) and you (building a portfolio).


Another idea is job boards and freelance work (places like Fiverr) to build connections and generate work. 


One final piece of the puzzle may be connecting on Twitter with folks through the #MarketingTwitter conversation. There are a lot of folks there helping each other out. You may find a connection! 


I hope that helps. Stay connected if you'd like! 


PS - thanks for the tag @melrho

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New to digital marketing and seeking guidance on where to begin.

I came in with a similar query, found your reply! Great Insights. Thankyou

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New to digital marketing and seeking guidance on where to begin.

What I did when I was working on digital marketing for my personal
businesses is to identify my target markets. Who is it that I wanted to
market to. For my personal business, it's couples getting married and
event planners. For my full-time job, it's construction, event planners,
property management.

Now that I've identified my target market, I need to identify who the major
players are and who are the up-and-comers. I want to know who the big fish
are, while not ignoring the fish who will be big one day. Do some research
on each. Find out if they're a good fit. LinkedIn, social media, etc.
While doing that, look for pain points, look for the points that you can
identify that your company can help them. It may not be obvious, but if
you sell computer systems, well everyone is using a computer system so put
something out to them about your computer systems and how they integrate
with their market. I tend to like to broaden it a little bit and go for a
larger audience, while focusing on who I want to focus on.

The big thing, is there is no one right way. If what I'm doing worked for
me, it may not for you however ALWAYS be open to change. If you try my way
and want to tweak it, DO IT! Try new things.

Good luck!
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HubSpot Moderator

New to digital marketing and seeking guidance on where to begin.

Hi @fatihu ! Thanks for posting, and happy to help here!

Congratulations on getting started in digital marketing! I want to recommend our HubSpot Academy and specifically this certification in Digital Marketing.  Another great resource would be joining one of our Study Groups here in the Community, where you can connect with others on the same journey.

I also wanted to invite a few subject matter experts into the conversation. 🙂 Hey @danmoyle @jforte @Josh , do you have any career advice for @fatihu ?

All the best!