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Get ready for World Certification Week!



Hey all! 

In case you haven’t heard, we wanted to let you know that World Certification Week from HubSpot Academy is back for 2022! It will take place in just a couple short weeks from May 9-13. 

For those that don’t know, World Certification Week (WCW) is a global virtual event where individuals are encouraged to learn, connect, and grow by dedicating time to their professional development through HubSpot Academy. Individuals will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of industry topics, connect with fellow learners and thought leaders, and earn HubSpot certifications. Plus, for every certification awarded between May 9-13, HubSpot will donate $5 to one of four education-focused charities (up to $50k total). 

There are many ways to get involved:

🎟Attend the World Certification Week Kick off Event on Monday, May 9. Hear from HubSpot leaders, top Solutions Partners, marketing educators, and more. 


As a social media marketer, you might be particularly interested in sessions like “Using the Social Network Litmus Test to Map Your Marketing Plan” with Northeast Lakeview College’s Zach Fazio 

Register here today! 

🤝 Join the World Certification Week group. Meet your fellow learners, post your tips, ideas, and questions, sign up for events, and more!  

🧑‍🎓And of course, get certified! Take any one of our certifications, or renew an expired certification to have your contribution counted towards the donation. 


Head to HubSpot Academy to get started. 


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Community Manager

Get ready for World Certification Week!

Thanks for sharing, @crystalking

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