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Unknown Visitor problem. React application



I am attempting to integrate the HubSpot chat widget into my React app, and I am encountering the following issues:

Upon running the program, the chat widget appears. However, when a user sends a message, I would like to see the user's name in the system (currently displayed as "Unknown Visitor"). If I set the name and email to the _hsq cookie, I can see the name. However, if I log in with another user, I cannot change it. The chat still shows messages from the previous user, and messages received in the system also display the name of the previous user. What is the easiest way to solve this problem? Is there a way to set the user information for the chat widget when I retrieve it from my application?


Thank you, Regards

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Community Manager

Unknown Visitor problem. React application

Hello @APanov Happy Friday!


When you receive a chat from an Unknown visitor in HubSpot, it means that the visitor has initiated a chat session on your website, but they have not provided their contact information.


It's important to note that HubSpot's ability to track and save interactions is based on having contact records for individual visitors. If a visitor remains unidentified as an Unknown visitor, their interactions may not be linked to any specific contact record.


I hope this information helps.


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