Test an app that increases page load speed


Hello, community 👋

Recently, my partner and I stumbled upon a QuickLink from Google Chrome Lab, which helps to load subsequent pages much faster. We were fascinated by the elegance of the idea. Spreading this idea, we have decided to create an app for HubSpot users. It installs a bit of JavaScript code into a HubSpot website to scan page links and prefetch them. So website owners on HubSpot could heavily benefit from browser prefetching technology too.
Here’s an app https://linkfetcher.kohorta.co/
Hope you’ll give it a try and test it out on your end. We would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Have a great day!

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Community Manager

Hey @OliaGozha 

Thanks for sharing!  Will mess around with it!



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Thanks, Dennis! Looking forward to hearing from you 😊


Good afternoon Olia!,

First of all, my hat is off to you and Roman for figuring this out because it was SUPER necessary for page performance and I have been struggling for a while now to get my pages to load faster than 2.4s without breaking things 😛

My only hiccup here is that when I go to add the app, it asks for permissions, no biggie so I need to grant them. I go to add LinkFetcher as a user to grant permissions, however I need either an email address or csv file to do so. Is there a default email we should be using to set this up?