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Hubspot Apps Research Tool

I built a tool to help me more quickly see patterns of existing demand and value in the app marketplace. If you're building products for Hubspot, hopefully you'll find it useful too.

A big part of creating value with a product is understanding where to attempt to create that value in the first place – for whom, the type of problems to solve, etc.


For me, deciding the where comes from direct interactions with likely customers and researching existing solutions (current product landscape, frustrations/wishes expressed by customers in forums, etc.) 


Re: "researching current product landscape" Hubspot's Marketplace website offers a lot of niceties to get a feel for existing demand and value, but it is difficult at times to get a bird's eye view of larger patterns or unique areas of need.


So, as one does, I pulled all the info into a spreadsheet… and made that dynamic –


1. Quick Demo & How-To

2. Research Tool


A few important notes - 


•  I created and am sharing this because I think it can help builders create better products, and add more overall value to Hubspot's ecosystem. It can help inform strategy but is certainly only a small piece of sorting out what's worth building and making it into a success.


• Hubspot, if you're not cool with this approach / use of website data for any reason. Just let me know and I'll pull it down.


•  Since this is an external view of the marketplace its 100% brittle. When the Hubspot Marketplace updates how it serves its data to its website, your copy of this tool may break in its current form unless you update the script that runs beneath it.


On a related note, I'm building a new Hubspot product from the ground up in public – addressing strategy, design, development, marketing, and support. If you're interested in following along with for ideas, learnings, or live prat falls head over to @calmsoftware or YouTube.







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Hubspot Apps Research Tool

Thanks for sharing, @Clayton_ 😊


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