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HubSpot RSS Blog Feed Custom Module

Hello world 🙂


I've published my first custom module on the HubSpot Template Marketplace, it's a RSS blog feed module that allows for a lot more code-free customisation than the default HubSpot RSS module. Check it out on a website page:


Screenshot 2018-09-18 09.40.44.png


The module uses CSS Flexbox to adapt to different screen sizes and you can add in as many blog posts as you like from the settings on the left-hand side. Here's a list of other items you can customise: 


  • Number of Posts
  • Background Colour
  • Highlight Colour
  • Hover Colour
  • Toggle the Image
    • If Image is displayed, change the image height
  • Toggle the Topics
  • Toggle the Title
    • If title is displayed, change the title colour
  • Toggle the Separator
  • Toggle the Author and Date
    • Update the colour for the date and author
    • Update the text that appears next to each one
  • Toggle the Summary
    • If the summary is displayed, choose to limit the number of characters
    • If the summary is displayed, change the summary colour


You can read more about it on my blog post here, view a demo here or find it on the marketplace here 🙂


Stephanie O'Gay GarciaHubSpot Design / Development / Automation

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HubSpot RSS Blog Feed Custom Module

Thanks for sharing @Stephanie-OG! This is great!