How to have a site visitor upload a video automatically to a fan page

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I would like to be able to set up a page where our fans can automatically upload videos and pictures to a dedicated fan page.  Can this be done?


Do I need to have them use a specific video or photo service and embed their api???


Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey @DanielNGross are the video files MP4s? Or are they online videos (YouTube) they could share llinks to?

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Hi @DanielNGross,


In terms of user-generated content, there are a few possible solutions that might fit for you, but there should be a fair warning that if you want to to happen automatically, you may have to watch the upload forms pretty closely, so that people don't upload inappropriate things to your website.


These are just some ideas I cam up with, using an instagram api or using HubDB.


1. Instagram API, this is most likely the easiest, but you can create a special hashtag that people can use, then run a query within the api based on that hashtag ie: #uploadedvideo or whatever you choose. Pros of this method is that it requires very little lifting on your end, as the IG api is already built out and can be easily implemented. A con of this is that, depending on what hashtag you use, you could possibly be getting random posts pulled as well as the fact that IG limits their video lengths.


2. Custom integration of HubDB. With HubDB, you could create a form that posts to your database and asks for a couple options like:

  1. URL
  2. Person's name
  3. Person's email
  4. Video Description

Then you would write a function that essentially creates a 'video' template, where src is populated with 'url' and then you populate a video description, followed by an 'author' field as well. To better explain this, you can check out what HubSpot Academy did to handle an auto-updating scoreboard with a game. 



Hope this helps you out!

-- Ty