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Help Build a Framework for HubSpot Development - CrankShaft

HubSpot development can take getting used to and it takes a while to learn all the best practices. It's also hard to transition from a popular framework like Bootstrap or Foundation by Zurb to HubSpot where a bootstrap 2 based grid is forced.

To solve this myself and a ton of other community devs have been working on 


A framework for HubSpot CMS development taking advantage of HubSpot's capabilities to make development faster of more performant, and higher quality websites.

The framework is not yet at a stable v1.0 but we hope to get there soon.

If you are interested in helping build a high quality framework for building HubSpot sites, which you can use to rapidly build high-quality performant sites. We'd love for you to join us, we're in the HubSpot Slack in the channel #crankshaft.

You don't need to be an expert, or have crazy amazing coding skills, there are things everyone can do to help.


For more on the vision of CrankShaft - why that's the name, how it works, etc. visit our GitHub.


Hopefully, someday soon, we'll also have our documentation site ready to get you up and running with it. A quick sneak preview.

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Help Build a Framework for HubSpot Development - CrankShaft

@Jon_McLaren This looks awesome! Thank you for sharing, I'll be sure to show this to the folks on my team (if they haven't seen this already)!