Dev Day 2018 Custom Module Challenge

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The very first modules featured in the HubSpot marketplace were created by HubSpot internally to be simple baseline examples of common modules. Your challenge is to choose one of these basic module types, and create a module that radically expands the baseline functionality and style.


Details here:


For submitting: If you'd like to submit a module for consideration, reply to this message with a link to your submission form.


For everyone: Watch this space for cool new modules, check out other folks' submissions and rate them.


Deadline: 9/25

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@jausura - Glad to see something fun for us devs to do! I think it would be better if we could clone the module into a dev portal when we are finished so that the attached assets (like js and css files) could be loaded as well. That entry form looks a bit painful. 

Also, when is the deadline?

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Oops, should have added deadline to my post: 3 weeks from partner day, so 9/25.


We decided on the google doc format so that anyone could view the content at a snapshot. If we used a dev portal we'd have to give everyone permissions and things would get a bit messy. 

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@jausura - 9/25?


Thanks for clearing that up

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Hey Jeff,

My colleague Jeff Main and I both attended your session on Partner day and decided to tag team this challenge hope that doesn't disqualify us 😄

We built a responsive accordion module. It’s not your typical accordion, in that we designed it with strategists in mind. We allow page editors to add a responsive background image to each panel (up to three, with three panels recommended), define title and text colors from our pre-set theme colors, enter their descriptive text, and set the URL on the button. All items have helpful descriptive text to walk page editors through setup.



Feel free to check it out in action below


//edit totally forgot to attach the word doc link

Jon Chim
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Morey Creative Studios

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Hi @jausura,


I built a team member repeater module.


I expanded on the social media links by creating my own square and circle svg icons, I added 7 icons including one for Hubspot for kicks, I give you the option of single color or individual color control of the icons, as well as icon size.


for the team member items choose a solid or grandient background color, with grandient orientation control, and name, title, and biography color controls. you can also choose a vertical or horizontal layout that applies to each item.


You can choose how many items you want per row, but I also connected slick.js to give a slider option.



Here's a video:


live on site: 


Submission form:

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Great modules everyone!


@jausura I also built a clean, modern Team Member module which allows you to add each team member's: 

  • Name
  • Brief Description
  • Photo
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)


You can also customise the box size and the overlay and hover colours (both gradients). It's nothing too fancy: a repeater for each team member, Flexbox and some hover/transform effects (I'm all about CSS where possible!).




Here is a demo of the module on my site:


This is my submission form:


Good luck everyone!


Stephanie O'Gay GarciaHubSpot Design / Development

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Hi folks!


Thank you for the submissions! They look awesome. 


I hope this doesn't throw a huge wrench in things, but I'd love to see if we could get a couple more of these before we close the book on this challenge. 


Let's extend this for two more weeks (new deadline of 10/9) and see if anyone else wants to contribute. At that point we can do some grading and crown a winner!

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@jausura, I completely agree. As far as current submissions though, should they stay as is?

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I'll leave that up to submitters. In my opinion all of these are strong contenders as-is. But if someone has the bandwidth and interest to tweak, that's fine too. 

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I don't want to change anything but I left several features off my list due to time constraints. Also our code is now on display for others to use as a reference so there's no reason not to kick it up a few notches. I'll be back in two weeks lol.