Can't figure out how to put a rich text field into my html hulb code

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I want to be able to have a rich text module when I edit the page. however when I post the {% rich_text html="{{module.html}}" %} code within the module source code. a rich text field doesnt appear for me to type my text in. 

Screen-Shot-2019-09-27-at-3.37.57-PM.jpghere is where i want to be able to adda rich text fieldScreen Shot 2019-09-27 at 3.37.42 PM.pngthis is the HUBL code. i tried to insert a rich text code but it wont show

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If this is within a custom module, then you can't add a module ( the {% rich_text html="{{module.html}}" %} ) to it, only fields. 


If you have a Rich Text field on the sidebar of your module with the internal name "html", then you can either add in the snippet for that module (Actions > Copy Snippet): 


<div class="elem-btn">{% inline_rich_text field="content" value="{{ module.html }}" %}</div>

or it's value (Actions > Copy value only):


<div class="elem-btn">{{ module.html }}</div>

Rich Text Module - Copy Snippet.pngRich text field in custom module - copy snippet option

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 {% rich_text html="{{module.html}}" %}

remove the {{

 {% rich_text html="module.html" %}


since you are inside of a hb instruction already