CRM - ditiching salesforce, crazy? or genius?

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We have an intergration b/w Salesforce and Hubspot... and we are paying a LOT for salesforce. But not doing anything real crazy or inventive. I was curious if anyone has ditched Salesforce and gone with JUST Hubspot as their CRM. Advantages? Disadvantages?  Also... curious if we tuned off Salesforce (just hypothetical) would all of our "synced" data stay in hubspot?

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Hi @hollybo 


Genius. Simple. 


If you are not using anything that is unique to Salesforce, then I do not think that an argument for using it over HubSpot can be found. We've helped numerous clients make exactly this switch and free themselves of the costly complexities that come with Salesforce.


If you turn off your Salesforce sync, and then Salesforce, nothing will be deleted from HubSpot. 


Hope this helps.


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