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I'm trying to add a sidebar to my blog listing page. I'm using the Aplite Blog template, which doesn't have this sidebar functionality built in, so I need to create a new module or new CSS, as well as edit the layout of the main page to accomodate the sidebar, can anyone help with this!



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Hi @ianjaynorris,


I'd just like to point out that restructuring or redesigning a template can often be a lot of development work. In this case, it sounds like you'd need to add a module group for the sidebar, then add some modules inside, and then ensure that everything is styled appropriately. If you're not sure how to add modules or how to create a module group where you can add the actual content to the page, let me know. We do have some articles on our Design Manager here: Specifically I think this might be a good starting point:


You could also reach out to the template provider. In this case I think that's Salted Stone. They should have email support in their Marketplace listing. I'm not sure if they're able to help with one-off requests like this, but you could ask.


And if you do get started and you run into specific questions, let us know back here and we'll see how we can help.

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