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    • If I have multiple emails associated with a contact, how can I add all of those emails to a subscription list? more
    • Hi, We have connected our team inbox to automatically create a ticket when we receive an email from a specific inbox. Now, what we want is to create the ticket in a specific pipeline or another pipeline depending on whether the email (contact) exists or not. Is it possible to do this? I played with workflows but I was unable to do it. Thank you, Jose more
    • Is there a possibility to trigger that a email is send when a form is submitted and the submitter requested to be contacted through Microsoft Teams Steps: - submitter selects the way he would like to be contacted, he selects "Videoconference through Teams" - once the form is submitted the submitter receives an invite to book a meeting in my calendar for 30minutes and he receives automatically a Teams link. I have the Teams plugin installe more
    • I'm trying to get ServiceHub to automatically asign the ticket owner to the user who closed the ticket. We're trying to switch from Zendesk. What we are familiar with in Zendesk, is that that when a user solves (closes) a ticket, it is assigned to them. Right now, I can't figure out a way to do this and it is a deal breaker to make the switch. I would be grateful if someone knew a way to do this. more
    • We imported a bunch of tickets from our old CRM tool into hubspot. Now all these tickets are visible for our customers in the customer portal, which is great, but it only shows the headline and no content and no follow up conversations. It turns out the customer portal only pulls the title of a ticket and then shows the conversation messages. In my case there was no conversation to any of the imported tickets, so nothing was shown. I tr more

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DMeuleman on March 30, 2023
We have a Wordpress installation with a couple of Forminator forms. I installed the Hubspot Plugin for Wordpress successfully and was able to integrate an existing Forminator form with Hubspot to create/update contacts. This mostly works, with the read more
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Contributor | Partner
March 30, 2023
Hi @DMeuleman , Is there a way for you to update the internal name of the property within the Forminator form, so the field collecting postal more
JMcCrimmon on March 30, 2023
Is there a way to filter on the deleted deals or perhaps send the Restore Deals to a Dashboard/Report? The Restore Deals section only has a date range.
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3 Replies
Contributor | Partner
March 30, 2023
Aah, that kind of filter. 😞 There isn't one, unfortunately. A random tip I have for you is to use Ctrl + F on the browser and search for the more
janjime on March 30, 2023
Hallo zusammen 👋🏻 Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob dies das richtige Board ist. Es ist nicht ganz einfach, sich hier zurechtzufinden 😅 Folgende Probleme habe ich: 1. Die Funktion Verfügbarkeit → „Der Chat wird online angezeigt, wenn mindeste read more
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CDMenard on March 29, 2023
Hi There is an unwanted background behind the chat widget on our website. It is light grey, please see the attached screenshot. I see that there is a past ticket with a similar issue, but the solution to that ticket was to include the bel read more
Community Manager
March 30, 2023
Hello, @CDMenard thank you for posting your question in our Community! To our top expert @LMeert @Teun @deepikaverma any other more
Mariamora14 on March 28, 2023
Hello HubSpot community, Just had my Whatsapp integration set up on my conversations inbox I was wondering if I coul reply to my clients via Voice notes from HubSpot. If not... can you recommend a tool that can facilitate this.. Thanks Mari read more
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March 29, 2023
Hello @Mariamora14 , I appreciate that's a great idea but i believe it's currently not possible,I suggest you these tools - Cloudtalk more
JNielsen7 on March 28, 2023
Hi, when I add a module to a blog page, both custom modules, but also inbuilt modules like "image grid", the edit page becomes unusable, with infinite loading. It used to work, but stopped working today without us doing any changes to the code. read more
March 29, 2023
Hello @JNielsen7 , It sounds like you might be experiencing a technical issue with Hubspot. Here are a few things you can try to resolve the more