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    • Hi, we are an agency that tries to make it easy for our clients to reach out to us so giving them a phone number they can send texts to is part of what we do. We are currently using a Google Voice number, but we want to know if there is any way to get SMS into the HubSpot inbox so we can have our support team respond from there. Right now, the workaround we're using is that our GVoice number forwards to the connected Gmail inbox, which is more
    • I have a client wanting to review leads per team member. We can capture volume, but are interested to break it down further to see how the conversation was assigned, ex: auto-rotate, assigned from bot, self-assigned, team member assigned. Anyone have an idea on this? If not - I might post as an idea on idea forum. Wanted to check in here first. more
    • Hello Community, We would like to automatically inform the "company owner" which is assosiated to a ticket when a ticket has reached a certain phase. Does someone has an idea? Somehow i was not able to find a solution. We have Sales&Service Hub Pro Thanks more
    • Hi All, We use templates to initialise conversations with our clients. Some clients require different information so we created multiple templates to accommodate this. Is there a way to link this template to certain NSIDs or clients? Just need it to be automated ideally rather than a manual thing where it relies on an individual remembering. Thanks more
    • will like to get a service level for each ticket status. for example if the "NEW" tkt was answered within service level before moving to "WAITING ON COUSTOMER" more

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CWagner5 on April 24, 2024
We have different teams that work in different time zones, different job descriptions, and agents who speak multiple languages. We reflect that information in our signatures (individual working hours, languages we speak, job titles) I want to keep read more
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Israel_O_Dare on April 24, 2024
Good day Hubspot community, I have been having issues with my clients hubspot account lately; My client has been using Hubspot for over 6 years now, but presently our subcription is over, we have about 9800 contact list but these list are not displa read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
April 24, 2024
Hi @Israel_O_Dare , Have you tried clearing cache and cookies and disabling browser extensions? These might be interfering with HubSpot more
07252 on April 24, 2024
Hi All, We recently received a mail from a client that his email had been hacked and that he had sent phishing emails. We want to be able to create custom labels for companies/contacts so that my colleagues can easily see that this contact is fl read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
April 24, 2024
@07252 if you include the property in the contact association card, it would pop out with an emoji in the right sidebar: more
AlinaJ on April 23, 2024
Hi all, I hope you could help me with my questions regarding the Knowledge Base. Ideally, I would like to create a few types of articles in the Knowledge Base and give access to specific types of articles to different access groups. For example, ev read more
Community Manager
April 24, 2024
Hi @AlinaJ , I hope that you are well! Thank you for asking the Community! The "Restrict content access to access groups" option gives specific more
JIrvine1 on April 23, 2024
Due to the nature of our business, we can only interact with "authorized contacts" at our client businesses. We have run into issues where a non-authorized contact was either included on an email chain or emailed our support mailbox directly. This r read more
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April 24, 2024
Somehow I doubt HubSpot will do that since it already has 831 votes and has been sitting there since 2018. Is there a way we can flag these new more
RedKeySolutions on April 23, 2024
Hello, I am looking to delete a bunch on contatcs that are currently in the restore bin of Hubspot. When you go to the actions tab in the upper right corner, then go to restore. I see how you can indicdually delete a contact, however I was wond read more
April 23, 2024
Thank you for your help!