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    • Hello, i'm new to HubSpot and am in the process of building a customer knowledge base. I was hoping to build a module with a list of product enhancement ideas, which users will be able to vote on. How can I build this? more
    • I tried using the 'Stopwatch' integration to help me understand my team's utilization rates, but after paying for it, it didn't go into the live environment, and I received 0 customer service, so I abandoned that approach. How many people are tracking utilization rates, and what tools are used to do so, if any? I understand that I have time tracking in minutes as a HubSpot property and can gauge that but the way we currently have technicians more
    • Hi all, Apologies if this question has beeb asked before. I am looking to create a workflow where I would like Hubspot to do the following - is this even possible: 1. Send out an information form that a potential client will sign (name, address, etc) electronically. 2. Once they sign it and the form is updated with all customer details, Hubspot is to use information provided and populate it into set fields in another document within more
    • Hubspot's built in knowledge base feature has limited theme customisation, which means our knowledge base page looks like a different website to our main page. Has anyone found an alternative or created their own knowledge base page using hubspot themes and templates? more
    • In Help Desk, is there a way to have tickets from the same contact automatically added to the Tickets association card on the right sidebar? This would allow our support team to see all of the previous ticket history from the same contact without having to go to the Contact page. Currently, we have only been able to manually add ticket associations, which isn't ideal. more

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DNeal32 on June 20, 2024
Hi, Is there a way to view only active contacts for the ticket company when creating a ticket / editing a ticket? Currently I get every single CRM contact to choose from when I want to add a contact into a ticket. As you can imagine, bit painfu read more
Top Contributor | Partner
June 21, 2024
Hi @DNeal32 , Unfortunately, you can't filter down the list of Contacts that can be associated to a Ticket if you are doing it via the more
ETvelia on June 20, 2024
I am looking to create a report for overall ticket response time (versus time to first reply). I have been unable to find a workaround to do this, does anyone know a way to do this? I need to be able to know the average response time for tickets.
Community Manager
June 21, 2024
Hi @ETvelia , Thank you for asking the Community and thanks for the suggestion! I checked for you and at the moment this is not possible. I’ve more
EdeRijk on June 20, 2024
As the needs vary for each customer, it would be great to be able to customize the SLA's based on different types of customers. This means different times to close and reply times per priority for each (group of) customer(s). This enables us to tail read more
Community Manager
June 20, 2024
Hey @EdeRijk , Welcome to our Community! You can achieve customizable SLA properties for different customer groups by using service more
DBettermann8 on June 20, 2024
My website's navigation has disappeared and was replaced by the SprocketRocket logo. How can I return it to how it was? It is gone in any previous version, too.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 20, 2024
@DBettermann8 there are a few possibilities for why the header navigation reset to the default. Either a user has reverted the header on one more
ETvelia on June 19, 2024
I am trying to create a way to have "All Open" not show one of the channels that I have in Help Desk since it has sensitive information. I have the views blocked so that users can only view tickets their team owns, but they are still able to see the read more
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3 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 20, 2024
@ETvelia that makes sense, because HS has no way of knowing whether User 1 owns the ticket as part of Team 1 or Team 2, they only know that User 1 more
JIrvine1 on June 19, 2024
Here's my scenario: A ticket is created and auto assigned to a user. The user determines that the ticket was created in the wrong pipeline and moves the ticket to the correct pipeline. When this happens, there is no auto assignment that takes place. read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Top Contributor
June 21, 2024
You're welcome @JIrvine1 If my answer resolved your query, kindly mark it as the accepted solution. Thank you!