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    • Hey folks. All our tickets are linked to an associated deal, on a one-to-one relationship. When I log a call on a ticket, I would like it so that the call is also associated with the deal. This way we dont have to go hunting for information. Is there a way to do this automatically for all calls on all tickets? I know that its possibly to manually associate a single call to a deal, but that is manual and subject to human error. Co more
    • So I am not new to hubspot I have implemented a number of solutions using CRM, CMS and Marketing for other companies before. I am now in a new company and was pleased to see they are already using hubspot when I arrived. They currently use it for CRM and Marketing, but use another tool for service. (Happy Fox) I thought it makes perfect sense to use the inbuilt service desk in Hubspot so started looking into it I have immediately hit the follo more
    • We are noticing that the conversation connected to a ticket has to be manually closed. Is there an automated way to do this? more
    • Hi all Agin new in HS and I could not find an answer in the community forum. In some cases, customers are sending an email to our support address. 1. I want to set an automatic ticket creation out of that, How 2. Will HS recognize the customer details and organization based on the sender's email address and add that to the case? Thanks Omer more
    • Hi I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this so let me know if I did not and I will move this post under the correct group->subgroup. We have a customer inquiry form connected as a channel under conversation. When a form submission (lead) comes into the inbox, department managers assign the lead manually by setting the conversation owner. So far so good. However, a requirement has come up where the conversation owner sho more

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ULeonardo on September 22, 2023
One of our company's employees, (a HubSpot account administrator), had a personal meltdown, and it appears that he erased our HubSpot account or he erased all the team from it– a big mess! Can I send the case to an email address for further review? read more
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Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
September 22, 2023
@ULeonardo I'm very sorry this happened to you! I don't know what the recovery options are, but it would require reaching out to HubSpot Support more
KSweeney27 on September 22, 2023
Is there a way to only show certain ticket status options based off the category of service ticket selected? Example: Service Ticket Category Options: New Order Inquiry Custom Order Inquiry Customer Complaint Ticket Status Options: read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
September 22, 2023
@KSweeney27 the latest comment by the product team on that thread is from March 2023.
DAndrione on September 21, 2023
Hello Is there's a way to clear the property that store the clicked CTA? Ive Support tickets that send mail with 2 CTA for select the severity. It works fine. The problem is that if a new ticket is open hubspot store the previous CTA answer and up read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
September 23, 2023
Hi @DAndrione , What I've drafted above would work like you described. There would be one workflow for the SEV1 CTA click, another for the more
JSalter-Duke on September 21, 2023
Hey folks. All our tickets are linked to an associated deal, on a one-to-one relationship. When I log a call on a ticket, I would like it so that the call is also associated with the deal. This way we dont have to go hunting for information. read more
Community Manager
September 21, 2023
Hi @JSalter-Duke , Thank you for the inquiry. I'd like to involve some of our experts in the conversation to review whether they have more
DBlackbeard on September 21, 2023
Hi, Thanks in advance for the assistance We were previously using Ninja Forms and our process worked perfectly as so: 1. Website visitor would submit the form 2. An inbox message in Hubspot would be created as well as a contact 3. The read more
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Community Manager
September 21, 2023
Hello, @DBlackbeard thank you for posting in our Community and sharing more about your goal! Was this happening before when you had Ninja forms more
Parvind on September 20, 2023
Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with my HubSpot emails, particularly with LinkedIn Job Listings. Despite receiving responses in my Mac mail and Outlook, I am not seeing these emails in my HubSpot Inbox. It's frustrating, especially when you' read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
September 21, 2023
Hi @Parvind , It sounds like the emails may land in the spam folder. HubSpot marks some emails as spam by default: I'd assume more