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    • Hello, i'm new to HubSpot and am in the process of building a customer knowledge base. I was hoping to build a module with a list of product enhancement ideas, which users will be able to vote on. How can I build this? more
    • I tried using the 'Stopwatch' integration to help me understand my team's utilization rates, but after paying for it, it didn't go into the live environment, and I received 0 customer service, so I abandoned that approach. How many people are tracking utilization rates, and what tools are used to do so, if any? I understand that I have time tracking in minutes as a HubSpot property and can gauge that but the way we currently have technicians more
    • Hi all, Apologies if this question has beeb asked before. I am looking to create a workflow where I would like Hubspot to do the following - is this even possible: 1. Send out an information form that a potential client will sign (name, address, etc) electronically. 2. Once they sign it and the form is updated with all customer details, Hubspot is to use information provided and populate it into set fields in another document within more
    • Hubspot's built in knowledge base feature has limited theme customisation, which means our knowledge base page looks like a different website to our main page. Has anyone found an alternative or created their own knowledge base page using hubspot themes and templates? more
    • In Help Desk, is there a way to have tickets from the same contact automatically added to the Tickets association card on the right sidebar? This would allow our support team to see all of the previous ticket history from the same contact without having to go to the Contact page. Currently, we have only been able to manually add ticket associations, which isn't ideal. more

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nicole-oe on June 18, 2024
I am working on adding articles to the new knowledge base, so I am adding tags as well, but I'm having an issue that after I save the article and then go back in to edit tags or settings, some of the tags have changed to sets of numbers and aren't a read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 18, 2024
Hi @nicole-oe every tag has an internal value which is the number you're seeing, but I haven't seen it surface on the front end like this - I did more
MWolfe2 on June 18, 2024
I'm desperate for help to create a custom report that will show me how much time I'm spending (by company) on service tickets. I "think" the way to break it down would be: By Customer By Ticket (total time to close) and if that could break dow read more
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June 18, 2024
The following report seems close to what I'm looking for - I just can't figure out how to incorporate the BY COMPANY element in the report. Also - more
leamoise on June 18, 2024
Hi everyone, I'm currently using ServiceHub for our company's onboarding pipeline, and I'm facing a few challenges. Our clients don't always complete onboarding steps in order, and sometimes they don't finish all the steps. I want to create read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 18, 2024
Hi @leamoise I can't recommend Arrows enough for onboarding with HubSpot - it's fully integrated and solves what you're looking for.
mlucchesi on June 18, 2024
It would be really useful to have a way to enable/disable notificaciones por specific inboxes. For example: a user has access to two different inboxes: marketing and support. But they only want to receive notifications from the support inbox, be read more
HydePhillips on June 15, 2024
Hi, when I create a new ticket from an inbox conversation, it isn't associated with the contact from the conversation. So say one of our customers (a stored contact) gets in touch, and it's picked up in the Inbox by me. I then convert it into a read more
Top Contributor
June 16, 2024
Hey @HydePhillips If you have a service hub professional you can create tickets automatically kindly go through this knowldegbase undersatnd more
rsavino on June 14, 2024
My website is a responsive website, but it doesn't seem to have HubSpot working on mobile phones. Can someone help? My website is .
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 14, 2024
Hi @rsavino , You should be able to get HubSpot working on your mobile by following these steps: more