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    • We use the tickets and conversations inbox for managing customer support tickets. The end user emails to one of our associated customer emails that is customer specific. We have about 30 email addresses that an end users could send emails to us right now, depending on what associated customer/company network they are using. We would like to be able to analyze the support volume and response rates from end users after our response, for each i more
    • I'm looking for guidance or even better would be an example of how to build a workflow that will email the ticket contact when their ticket is closed. Ideally I would like the email communication to list the resolution to their ticket - but I am having a hard time finding guidance about documenting ticket resolution. more
    • We have a support form created as a part of our customer portal, currently email information autofills based on the user account logged in. There's other contact related properties setup similarly to email but none of this information autofills, just email. The goal is to have a contact section that allows people to see what information we have listed and update it if necessary. Is this possible? more
    • We use our Tickets to sign a project into Design. When a project is signed in the head of our Design Dept manually assigns a Designer to that ticket (making them a Ticket Owner) after reviewing the ticket and understanding current workloads. Some of our clients have a designated Designer. So we created a "designer assigned" property at the company level and wanted to create a workflow/automation that autoassigned the designated designer to more
    • Those of you who are using HubSpot's Help Center to host company FAQs, how do you like it? If you are not, which tool do you suggest? We are considering maybe Stonly? Looking to weigh the pros and cons of Help Center providers. This is our current Help Center being hosted on Desk which is not user friendly for marketers: We like how clean Google's Help Center is. more

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BlaireThomas on February 20, 2024
I recently created a Technical Support chat bot through Cody AI that I want to implement into my Hubspot Knowledge Base. It gives amazing answers to all questions that we have tested on it so far. I am on the Service Hub Pro plan. Is there a way read more
inserrad on February 20, 2024
Hi All, I’ve created a Zap that creates a Shipping label in Shippo once a Service Ticket is generated. Right now, the easiest way to make it work was to create my own custom properties within the ticket to correlate to specific needs for a shipp read more
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February 20, 2024
Hi, If the contact is associated with the ticket, you can use the find association step in the HubSpot connection within Zapier. Then, you will more
JoshVe on February 20, 2024
How can we implement a CSAT to be a part of a closing ticket email? We have an email that is sent when a ticket is closed. We also have a CSAT going to customer that their ticket have been closed that didnt recive a survey in the past 15 days. read more
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Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
February 20, 2024
Hi @JoshVe , You can't technically combine the as your email editing functionality is a bit more limited. You can however customize the more
Mariale_Padilla on February 16, 2024
Hi all, Does anyone have any clue on how to configure a WhatsApp welcome messages? We have 2 WhatsApp numbers, one to Customer Service and other for Technical Support. Each of them have a corresponding channel. We would like to configure a read more
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3 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
February 19, 2024
Hey there @Mariale_Padilla and welcome to the Community. Are the WhatsApp channels integrated into a Conversations Inbox in HubSpot? If more
sna98Gabriel on February 16, 2024
I'm getting verification codes on my phone, without ever using hubspot.
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February 16, 2024
LFenton20 on February 15, 2024
We need a ticket that has a certain status to never change status when an email is sent to a customer. The workflow attached to the ticket email status settings cannot be edited, so cloning seems to be the best option. However, the 'Last ema read more
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February 15, 2024
Thanks Karsten, I have submitted my idea: more