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I would like to improve service processes, and leverage HubSpot's reporting capabilities to continuously improve customer service performance


Any insights, strategies, or case studies to share on optimizing service goals within the HubSpot platform?

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Tips and tricks

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I would recommend defining clear SLAs within HubSpot to set expectations for response and resolution times. Our reporting tools can help you monitor SLA adherence and identify areas for improvement. You can also collect feedback using our survey tools.


To our top experts, @Jnix284, @BCondon7, and @Mike_Eastwood do you have any recommendations for @Susancolleman?


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Tips and tricks

Hi @Susancolleman to create robust reports, it's important to create custom properties to track the information you need to align with your customer service processes.


your custom reports are only as good as your data - for example, you can use workflows to create timestamps to track time between ticket actions and break it out by team member.


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