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Service Hub Pro - Onboarding step 5 : Analyse Your Data

Hi there and welcome to step 5 of our Community-enabled onboarding program.


If you missed the last step, it is available here.


After learning how to use automation with feedback surveys, it is time to report on this data and analyse it. 


There are loads of reports and data that you can work with when using reports but only a few will deliver the information that you are looking for to reach your goals. 

That is why we are going to help you understand and identify how to set up goals, measure your progression towards them and ultimately visualise what success looks like.


In the video, we will review:

  • 0:30 3 questions to ask yourself when designing your reporting strategy
  • 1:05 SMART Goals
  • 1:53 OKR’s / KPI / Metrics : definition and differences
  • 2:34 Examples of reports



Access your dashboards here.


Links to the content mentioned in the video:


The next video about Getting your team onboard is available here.


We would love to know what are some of your most important goals and how you approach data analysis? Write them down in the comments below!

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