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Service Hub Pro - Onboarding step 4 : Measure customer satisfaction

Hi there and welcome to step 4 of our Community-enabled onboarding program.


If you missed the last step, it is available here.


In this video, we are going to discuss customer satisfaction and we will see how to create a feedback survey.
Surveys help you gather focused insights from masses of people, whether those people are customers, employees, or an entire target market.


We will review:

  • 0:20 : Feedback surveys  
  • 0:43 : The different types of customer survey 
  • 1:38 : Creation of mini workflows in the survey editor to follow-up with happy or unhappy customer 



Click here to create your customer survey.


Links to the content mentioned in the video:

The next video about analysing your data is available here.


Have you ever used customer surveys? If yes, how did they help your business grow? Let us know in the comments below!


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