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Service Hub Pro - Onboarding step 3 : Give your leads and customers the tools to become autonomous

Hi there and welcome to step 3 of our Community-enabled onboarding program.


If you missed the previous step, it is available here.


We will discuss how you can give your leads and customers the tools to become autonomous. Let's see how we can accelerate processes, empower your leads and customers and ultimately make them self-sufficient.


This video will cover two tools:

  • 0:36 : Chatbots
  • 3:00 : Knowledge base 



Access the chatflows tool here.

Access the knowledge base tool here.


Links to the content mentioned in the video:


What do you think about chatbots? Are you already using them and seeing the value? If not, we suggest you set them up in your account and let us know what you think.


The next video about measuring customers' satisfaction is available here.


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