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Clarification required on delay in email receiving from Hubspot into our inbox and Junk folder

1. Solution required on delay(20-25  mins delay) in email receiving from Hubspot into our inbox and Junk folder when we sent from Hubspot to our customers. Please help us.


2. How to track individual names that have clicked our link that we sent through Hubspot. Please help us.


3. Please let us know is there any option like Bcc (blind carbon copy) while sending an email through Hubspot. Please help us.


4. Why email receiving from hubspot sitting in junk folder, instead of inbox. Please help us.


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Gestionnaire de communauté
Gestionnaire de communauté

Clarification required on delay in email receiving from Hubspot into our inbox and Junk folder

Hi @RNanduri,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I'll be glad to provide more information! Firstly, I wanted to mention that there a multiple ways in which you can send emails from HubSpot:

Depending on which tool you're using, the answers to your questions will vary: 


1. If you're referring to marketing emails that you've sent via the HubSpot email marketing tool, there are multiple factors that affect the processing/send time of a marketing email in HubSpot after you hit send: the scheduled send time, including the time of day, your email's place in the send queue, and size of the recipients list. Mid-morning is generally considered the highest-traffic sending time of day so processing delays of that size are not unexpected around the time of your send. 

Additionally, our send times are largely limited by the recipients' email providers - they don't allow unlimited SMTP connections or volume: we try to get the emails out as fast as possible, but we're only one part of the equation.


You shouldn't, however, be experiencing any significant delays when you send 1:1 emails from the CRM. If the 1:1 emails that you send from contact records are not working as expected, I'd recommend to reconnect your inbox in your account settings


2. Any clicks and tracked contact activity will appear on the contact record. You can adjust the filter on the contact record to make sure you're only seeing the information that's relevant for you: 

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 14.37.11.png


There are also a couple of contact properties available that contain information about link clicks and page views. 


3. While there isn't a BCC option for marketing emails (you can just include your email in the recipients' list), you can add email addresses in BCC for 1:1 emails: 

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 14.44.46.png


4. Please check this Community thread for more information about email & spam. You'll also find a couple of tips on how to improve email deliverability in this Knowledge base article.


I hope this helps! 


Mia, Community Team

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