hubspot sales asking to upgrade to linkedin sales navigator team edition

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I have linkedin sales navigator memebership for my own account. Until yesterday, the hubspot widget was showing lead's linkedin information etc on the side widget. Now All of a sudden, it started asking to upgrade to linkedin sales navigator team edition.


Has there been any change or have I done something incorrectly?




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Hi @Arif, thanks for your post. This is due to a change on LinkedIn's end. They've recently identified an issue that showed the sales navigator as available to users with a Professional subscription, however this particular feature is limited by Linkedin to just their Team subscription. I've attached a message from LinkedIn regarding this issue below:


We have recently identified a system issue impacting some Sales Navigator Professional subscribers. This issue caused the Sales Navigator widget for HubSpot to incorrectly show as available to impacted users.  The Sales Navigator Professional subscription does not include access to CRM integration.
We have recently resolved this issue. As a result, the widget will only function for members currently subscribed to Sales Navigator Team or higher. These qualifications are outlined at the bottom of HubSpot’s installation instructions.
If you would like to continue to utilize the widget you can upgrade to a Sales Navigator Team subscription. You can do that from your Sales Navigator Settings page by clicking “Upgrade your plan”


I hope this helps provide some clarity as to why your functionality has changed.