how to initiate a call in browser, that call we be made on my phone?

I am evalueting hubspot. I need to know if I can do as below. I want to initiate a call in browser on desktop,  then through application of hubspot on my android  should be initatiated call to my client.  is it possible? How ?    Secondly I see that I can call from phone (there is option in contact), but as far as I understand the calling number which is shown to client it;s not mine, isnt ? 
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Hey @Grzegorz here is a complete overview of how HubSpot Calling works:


You can place calls via your browser, desktop (using an hardphone) and mobile (if you have the app installed). 

The recipient's caller ID will display whichever phone number you have set as the default for calling, see how to do this here:

I'd reccomend reading all the articles in that guide above, as I think they cover most of your questions in detail 🙂

Thanks for answer. In browser should be another option: initiate from phone. Right now it's work as double call: to my phone and then to contact. Secondly: It's impossible to make call queue from mobile app. 😞